Static Security Guards
Static Security Guards

An integral part of a Static Security Guard's duty is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols. These patrols aren't only to catch intruders, the main reasons are:
The detection and prevention of fire, flood and damage to your property
To prevent accidents
To prevent the waste or your company's resources
To detect and prevent offences by members of the public and staff
Principal Security train their staff to the highest standard and ensure that these security patrols are at random times and the routes are varied to ensure the element of surprise should an incident occur. All incidents will be logged in an incident book and reported so that the appropriate action is taken and evidence is available should it be required by the police.

Principal Security recognises and supports environmental issues and will endeavour to reduce the cost of wasted energy by checking and switching off unnecessary lighting, heating and ventilation. This will save you money by reducing your energy bills and the company's contribution to the carbon footprint.

Our Static Security Guards will ensure that your staff upholds the rules and regulations set down by your company enforcing anything from a no smoking policy to safeguarding the physical and intellectual property of your business.

You can rest assured that with the exemplary level of vigilance and intelligence gathering our Static Security Guards provide your company will benefit from the execution of this strategy therefore reducing and indeed preventing incidents from occurring.

In addition to business premises, Principal Security can provide manned guarding services in Guernsey and the other Channel Islands for marquees, building sites, warehouses, industrial plants and for objects such as film crew equipment and any other high value machinery.