Closed circuit television security cameras are the best way to secure your home or business because they work as a highly effective deterrent to crime. Additionally, they provide detailed footage in the event of a crime which can prove invaluable in securing your belongings back from a burglary or identifying suspects. As cameras produce high quality images it is much more risky for a person to commit a crime with the knowledge that they are being filmed and the likelihood of getting caught is increased.

Nowadays people rely on CCTV camera equipment to identify callers to their houses as this offers reassurance to the elderly and to anyone else who may be nervous opening the door to unexpected visitors. With the continued advancement in technology it is possible to use your television to display footage as an alternative to a separate monitor thereby reducing the cost.

CCTV offers you peace of mind by providing you all the security you need and with remote access control available too, you can check in from wherever you are in the world. It is possible to access footage from a remote location and alert the police to investigate anything you notice is wrong.

Business premises can equally benefit from having several CCTV security cameras in place covering different areas that would not be possible for a security guard to cover with only one pair of eyes.

Principal Security can assist you by visiting your home or business to assess your security requirements and help you to choose the best CCTV equipment to suit your needs.