Security Receptionist

Our highly trained operatives will conduct regular and thorough security patrols for business premises, building sites, marquees, warehouses and industrial plants. We also provide manned guarding services for objects such as film crew equipment and other such high value machinery. All Concierge staff provided by Principal Security are trained to be courteous and efficient. They have the added dimension of being highly security trained to ensure that any person attempting to gain access to your premises must have your permission and only be given access to permitted areas for a valid reason.

Other duties our Concierge will carry out include but are not limited to:
Answering and investigating alarms
Contacting the relevant service in case of emergency
Patrolling your premises to detect and prevent signs of intrusion or damage and to ensure security of doors, window and gates
Authorising and monitoring the entrance and departure of employees and other persons to maintain the security of your property
Checking the functionality of your alarm system
Monitoring and adjusting controls such as heating, air conditioning and boilers
If appropriate, screening individuals entering your premises to prevent the passage of prohibited articles
If required, our Concierge can also provide cover for the following duties:
Answering and directing incoming and internal calls
Receiving and passing on mail deliveries
Assisting in booking of meeting rooms, booking in and directing visitors for such meetings
Arranging taxis for departing visitors and staff leaving the premises
Although the efficient execution of the above duties are within the remit of our Concierge, the security of your property and staff remain of paramount importance and Principal Security can assure you of this service.